HTML5 and CSS3


300 EUR

In HTML5 and CSS3 – Essential Training, professor, author, trainer, and web developer Zak Ruvalcaba delves into HTML5 and demonstrates how to incorporate the language’s markup to build standards-compliant and forward-thinking responsive web pages and applications. You learn the basics as well as advanced topics in HTML5 and CSS3 such as the reason for semantic markup, how to build traditional page layouts using DIV tags and CSS, how to build forward-thinking semantic layouts using HTML5 section elements and CSS3, how to make a page responsive and backward compatible, and how to work with HTML5 forms, offline support, geolocation, audio and video, graphics with JavaScript and canvas, communication APIs, web storage, and more.


What you’ll learn

  • Know what powers the Web including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Use free web development tools like Aptana Studio, Atom, Brackets, and more.
  • Understand every HTML5 tag and their associated attributes.
  • Work with tables, images, links, and lists.
  • Work with advanced structuring techniques using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Use grid layouts like to aide in designing a site.
  • Work with HTML5 section elements and CSS3 to structure a web site.
  • Format web pages using CSS3.
  • Create responsive layouts using CSS3 Media Queries.
  • Use responsive frameworks like Skeleton to enhance workflow.
  • Make a navigation menu responsive.
  • Build HTML5 forms and use native validation to handle data input.
  • Incorporate video and audio using HTML5 tags.
  • Work with Geolocation, Drag and Drop, Web Storage, and more.
  • Incorporate Web Fonts and work with the Canvas drawing API.


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